The standards of beauty have changed completely, and what yesterday was the scene of girls, today is part of the preferences of men who with their good taste and love to fashion, seek to feel comfortable and sexy at all times.

And even if it goes against what his ancestors promoted, the current male has succumbed to the allure of a skinny and the whole line slim fit. Models of tight garments that help men look stylish, harmonic and avant-garde.

The new addition in men fashion "The Skinny Jeans"
The new addition in men fashion “The Skinny Jeans”

However, accessing the charms of the skinny is not an easy task, so, opting for this garment requires certain rules of the fashion world. A ritual that only some pass the test and not meet certain requirements, it is better to forget about this narrow wardrobe.

The first thing to know is that the skinny is a pair of pants that fits the leg, from the hip to the ankle section. While there are models that are narrower than others, in general, we mean garments that do not keep that straight cut so normal in men’s clothing, but narrows from the knees down.

One of the great benefits of surrendering to the power of the skinny is that these garments are much more comfortable than the vast majority of men think, since when they use them to create a much thinner and youthful silhouette. So, whoever accesses this wardrobe will get in a single step a more modern, avant-garde and stylish outfit.

The new addition in men fashion "The Skinny Jeans"
The new addition in men fashion “The Skinny Jeans”

If you are a man with wide backs, this adjusted model will not benefit you at all, because it will only disproportionate your figure. The same for those males with thick legs and bulging buttocks. In that case, the pants must be adjusted but up to a certain level, otherwise, it will look disproportionate and ugly.

Similarly, those men with an extra weight and whose stature is somewhat reduced, should forget the skinny and just think of the use of straight pants.

And if you want to promote a casual and jovial look, denim is the best fabric for a skinny. However, for those businessmen who see in these pants their best weapon of conquest and seduction, but they fear falling into informalities; Wool, cotton or linen could look great on this type of garment. Also, experts recommend the use of materials such as gabardine in skinny a little more formal.

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Knowing how to wear skinny jeans is one of the things that many men have to learn. In recent years, these have become very fashionable. The skinny jeans allow creating many looks and are very versatile. For this reason, learning how to use them is essential.

To wear skinny pants, you must have the right body. If you are overweight, skinny jeans are the worst option. So that you can adapt the trend, you can wear straight pants that narrow only slightly at the ankles.

You should look for pants that have a good cut. That is, these should not stay too tight in the legs, hip, crotch, and knees. Good skinny jeans will allow you to move comfortably. If you want to feel more relaxed, you can look for skinny jeans that contain elastane in their composition.

Fashion Men - The Skinny Jeans and how to use them
Fashion Men – The Skinny Jeans and how to use them

If you wear skinny jeans, you can play with larger or tighter shirts and jackets. The idea is that you feel comfortable and vary your combinations. Another recommendation is to prefer dark colored pants with light washings. Pants that are too worn or light colored will make you look overweight.

When you choose shoes, look for ones that do not have your foot too long or wide. It is best that you prefer the round tips and the classic designs.

The skinny jeans has no limits because it is a garment that does not accept conditions. So when someone starts using them, they will never want to let them go. Its comfort transforms it into the preferred attire to go to classes, for a walk, to dance, and of shopping.

In the same way, today has widened its spectrum and many contemporary professionals opt for this cut for offices because together with sighs between women, it fits perfectly to the body highlighting the male figure better.

Fashion Men - The Skinny Jeans and how to use them
Fashion Men – The Skinny Jeans and how to use them

Because of their flexibility, these pants accept transformations, so that they can be worn somewhat shorter than normal. Which is why so many men dare to make them fold out, giving them an exact dose of style. The idea is to take advantage of the space between the shoes and the pants to see the socks.

The versatility embodied in this garment has a small barrier since according to fashion specialists, this pant has a limit age limit and that is 40 years. Unless you are Brad Pitt or have the physique of David Beckham you can throw away such a principle, otherwise, you have to accept that this piece has an expiration date, and just like in life, one must adapt to each stage.

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Despite the re-emergence of Bell trousers, ‘skinny jeans’ or skinny pants continue to live their moment of glory and absolute reign within the closets of those who remain at the forefront of fashion

The Skinny jeans for men are the great revelation of the season in the main male fashion catwalks. These jeans have become the favorite garment of thousands of men around the world because their material is not only resistant but also versatile. There are many styles, cuts, sizes and even colors.

Skinny Jeans - An easy way to look comfortable and fashionable
Skinny Jeans – An easy way to look comfortable and fashionable

In recent years skinny jeans have become the favorite of any woman or man who loves fashion and know style, although they present a small drawback: they are not as easy to combine since some factors such as footwear and even the shape of the body change the way they look at each person. One of the great advantages that you will find with this garment is its comfortable design and narrow bottom finish that will stylize your figure and make you look very innovative and fresh.

Introduced in the 1950s, skinny jeans were first used by renowned film actors such as Marilyn Monroe, Sandra Dee, Roy Rogers, James Dean, and others. Initially, this garment was of feminine use, but with time it began to be made also for men.

Known for their flattering court-hugging figure, this type of pants helped promote gender equality in the 1960s, as early in the 20th century American jeans were the working garb of numerous male farmers and factory workers. From the 1970s, according to the story that tells about this piece, these pants are known to be a traditional part of the uniform of bands ‘rock n roll’ and his followers.

Skinny Jeans - An easy way to look comfortable and fashionable
Skinny Jeans – An easy way to look comfortable and fashionable

A search on several internet pages was not enough to answer the demand that for years has kept this piece that enchants to be practical, modern and of time.

Legends of rock like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and The Beatles opted to take the stage using ‘skinny jeans’. Nowadays, many athletes like professional skateboarders or cyclists prefer to wear this type of jeans because of their elastic material that allows them to adopt difficult positions or to make wide movements.

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Undoubtedly, little by little, skinny jeans are becoming one of the favorite clothes of a contemporary man, so we give you some recommendations to wear them.

Not only can they be carried by the youngest, but also by the mature mens as long as their physical complexion and the environment in which they develop allow it.

Recommendations to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans
Recommendations to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans

In Asia, mainly in super ‘trendy’ cities like Shanghai, Tokyo and Honk Kong, these types of pants are the common denominator of men’s urban fashion. Thus, it can be observed the hundreds of individuals who day by day walks the streets of these cosmopolitan places.

I think this is because the majority of the population in those countries is slender and skinny jeans fit them perfectly. To Asians, these garments even stylize them and help them seem to be much taller! And is that, one of the benefits of skinny jeans in dark and smooth shades, is that they visually help to lengthen the silhouette.

Europe is a good skinny jeans market and, in America, speaking of Mexico, they have more followers!

Of course, the skinny jeans are ideal for thin men who possess a good physical proportion, with body harmony according to their height, especially in their center area -abdomen- and legs.

Recommendations to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans
Recommendations to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans

Definitely, this type of tight pants are the worst enemies for who has a prominent abdomen and several, but several more weight. However, who is extremely thin of the legs is not favored either, because rather than stylize his figure shows with ridicule his extreme thinness.

And although most of these pants are made of cotton and a small percentage of elastic fibers that make them gird to follow the natural line of the body , ideally not combine them with top garments that are too notched.

As for how to wear them, skinny jeans are easy to mix with other garments, even with simple cotton t-shirt and a pair of cock-leg sandals make your wearer catch looks.

Whoever is a candidate to wear this type of clothing can wear them, for a relaxed look, with t-shirts, leather jackets, windbreakers, urban shoes and even sports shoes. While for a more formal look it is advisable to wear them with shirts, polos, sacks and closed shoes.

Recommendations to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans
Recommendations to Buy the Best Skinny Jeans

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